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Springhaze - Great Swiss Mountain Dogs

Springhaze Just Dreaming
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In Memoruim
Sire - Int Ch Jarod Van't Samika Nest
Dastin Irving 2.jpg
Dam - Springhaze Elusive Dream
Character Assessment 

Joules is from Elsa's first litter (litter J). We chose her as she was the strongest bitch puppy in the litter. Elsa is a fantastic bitch but is a little too tall. We wanted a stud dog that was shorter and stockier to improve on her bone and substance. We found this in Jarod. Jarod is a good strong male, not too tall, with great bone. Joules has inherited all his good points and is a very strong, young bitch. She is well muscled, strong, sound and very fit.


Joules has done very well in the show ring with the highlights being winning Best Pippy at Crufts as well as Reserve Best Bitch (AV Import Register Working) which is quite an achievement for a puppy. The following year she won BOB (AV Import Register Working) at Crufts.


She passed her Bronze Good Citizen award at the age of 5 months and has also passed her silver. Joules has excellent health test results.


Sadly Joules passed away at a young age due to a suspected blood clot after a C section. She leaves behind two litters, two of which have been retained by us, Molly and Purdey.

Pedigree Molly (2).jpg


 Achievements and Show Results


21st April 2018   -  W&PBA of Wales Championship Show

3rd OD/B + BB + BOS

Judge:  Mr K Baldwin  


31st March 2018 – GSMD Breed Club Open Show

1st OB

Judge:  Helen Burke   Criqiue:  Brailey's Springhaze Just Dreaming - Nice head proportions with well set ears.  Good colour markings.  Good bone, excellent feet and good pastern angulation.  Strong topline but heavy in body overall. Good tail set.  Moved well.


2nd July 2017 – Windsor Championship Show

1st OB + Res BB

Judge: Mrs Sue Parkin-Russell  Critique:   1st Brailey’s Springhaze Just Dreaming. 3-year-old bitch. A tad on the heavy side which meant she missed out on top honours today. Level top line kept whilst standing and on the move. Correct slope to croup with well-set tail. Moved with drive and purpose round the ring. Just needs to lose those few extra pounds to put her back into perfect body condition. Reserve Best Bitch.



28th May 2017  - Bath Championship Show

1st OB + Res BB

Judge:  Mrs S Hewart-Chambers  Critique:  Strong girl, attractive head but lips a tad loose.  Ears a little large, arched neck, straight front, tight arched feet.  Good depth of body and good tuck up, tight arched feet with pleasing angulations all round.  Well set and carried tail, she moved out steadily.


15th April 2017 – WPBA of Wales Championship Show

2nd OD/B + Res BB

Judge: Mrs K Young   Critique:  I liked this bitch for her breed type.  Well balanced in head and pleasing expression.  I wold like a firmer topline and she was carrying a little too much weight.


1st April 2017 – GSMD Breed Club Show

1st OB + BB + BOB

Judge:  Mrs Helen Davenport-Willis   Critique:  3 years top size, strong and substantial female, head matches her size.  Balanced proportions, very good front angles, neck and brisket development.  Pleasing topline and rounded croup, shapely quarters.  Presented in first class coat and condition she moved out well and was sound.  Had a tendency to stand with her tail tucked under her but she certainly did not have a temperament problem.  Handled well to get the best from her.  Her undercarriage could have been firmer but her overall qualities outweighed her deficiencies and secures her this position and eventual BIS.


12th March 2017 – Crufts


Judge: Mr M Cocozza


16th July 2016 -   National Working & Pastoral Breeds Champ show

1st OB + BB +BOS

Judge: Mrs H Fitzgibbon    Critique:  Good for type and colour, moving well


30th June 2016 – Windsor Championship Show

1st OB + BB + BOS

Judge: Mrs Meg Purnell-Carpenter    Critique:  2 yrs well muscled and conditioned.  Good head and expression.  Super presentation.  Lovely on the move with good construction all through.  Best Bitch.


29th May 2016 – Bath Championship Show

1st OB + BB + BOB

Judge: Mrs W Browne-Cole   Critique: Stunning looking two year old bitch, gorgeous head and eye, loved her body shape, excellent front and rear, in good muscle tone, so sound both ways. A pleasure to see her move, good temperament.


14th May 2016 – Redditch Open Show          

1st OD/B + BOB

Judge:  Hazel Fitzgibon   Critique: Two good mature bitches in this class quite different in type but both having their virtues. I went with 1 on overall outline and fitness.  Very impressive stacked with excellent rib and topline.  Good croup and tailset.


6th May 2016 –The National Birmingham

1st OB + BB + BOB

Judge: Jeff Horswell     Critique:  fits my idea very well of what the breed should look like. Feminine with power & substance. Super head. Strong & lengthy neck. Deep chest. Well made front. Level in topline. Could have more hind angulation. Moved well. Thought her a comfortable BB & BOB;  


16TH April 2016 - W&PB Assoc of Wales

1st OD/B + BB + BOB

Judge:  Miss Jean Lanning   Critique: A bitch who is a lovely example of the breed, combining substance with quality.  Moving so well with correct tail carriage.


12th March 2016 – CRUFTS

1st LB + BB + BOB

Judge:  Mrs C Molinari     Critique: Excellent type, feminine, very well balanced, a quality bitch in excellent condition, correct expression, excellent shoulder and rear angles, a very powerful mover.


25th October 2015 – Midland Counties

1st PGB + BB + BOB

Judge:  Mr Peter Jolley     Critique:   18 months old GSMD so well balanced, very good head and dentition, very good feet, moves very well.


12th September 2015 – Richmond Championship Show

1st PGD/B + BB + BOB

Judge:  Mrs A MacDonald      Critique:  A very nice young bitch with a good head and neck.  Good depth and width of chest, was well ribbed back and has a strong topline.  Moved very well.


5th September 2015 – The City of Birmingham

1st JB + Res BB

Judge:  Mrs Steve Hall    Critique:  Very feminine to view with a good disposition. Nicely headed with a good eye and neat ears.  Pleasing body with a good topline.  Good firm mover and presented very well.


24th May 2015 – Bath Championship Show

2nd JB

Judge: Mr B W Reynolds-Frost   Critique:  Gt Swiss Mountain Dog.  Litter sister to winner but heavier all round. Correct head and plenty of bone.  Good front and feet.  Correct topline and hindquarters.  Like better on the move in the rear.


23rd May 2015 – Joules takes her Character Assessment.  The judges remarks were: Very chilled out dog.


21st May 2015 – Joules passes her Silver Good Citizen Award


6th March 2015 – Crufts

1st PB + BP + Res BB

Judge: Mr E Engh (Norway)          Critique:   Two very attractive puppies. Well developed powerful bitch with an attractive typical head and excellent front. Deep and capacious body. Somehwat high behind at the age of 11 months this may even out. Beautiful coat and colour. Moved with energy and resonably sound for her age


13th December 2014 – LKA Championship Show

2nd JB  and 2nd GCA

Judge:  Mrs Valerie Foss   Critique:


15th November 2014 – GSMD Club Match

Best Puppy in Match

Judge:  June Miles


12th October 2014 -  South Wales Championship Show –

1st PB + Best Puppy + RBB

Judge: Mrs Lynne Salt   Critique:  Great Swiss Mountain Dog 7 months old puppy and a very nice example of the breed.  Femine head with lovely eye. Good in outline with straight front.  Moved true in both directions.


4th September 2014 – Joules passes her Bronze Good Citizen Award

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