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Springhaze - Great Swiss Mountain Dogs

Springhaze Elusive Dream
180310 011.JPG
Sire - Helge Vom Dachsborn
Dastin Irving 2.jpg
Dam - Jenuine High Hopes
Date of Birth
Character Assessment 

Elsa was from Dottie's third litter. There were only two girls in the litter and it was very difficult to choose which one to keep as they were very similar. We eventually picked Elsa as she was the quieter of the two and we felt she would fit in better with the rest of the gang.

Elsa is a very beautiful Swissy,well constructed with a beautiful, true Swissy head. She is on the higher end of the breed standard but she is very balanced and good mover.


Elsa is full of confidence and very inquisitive. Elsa has been very successful in the show ring winning 5 BOB's and 6 BOS and was Reserve Best Bitch at Crufts twice. Elsa passed her Bronze, Silver and Gold Good Citizen Awards. She also obtained her First Draft certificate in carting.


Elsa passed her health tests and produced two litters of puppies with a total of 13 puppies. We then retired her from breeding.


She has now gone to live with some family friends who live close by. They have an old Labrador and two children and they all adore Elsa. She has settled in very well, loving all the attention she gets and will return here for holidays. Elsa is a super bitch and we are very proud of her. We kept a daughter from her first litter, Joules, who we hope will follow in her mother's footsteps and keep her line going.

Pedigree Molly (2).jpg

SPRINGHAZE ELUSIVE DREAM (Elsa)  Achievements and Show Results


16th April 2016 - W&PB Assoc of Wales

Res OD/B

Judge: Miss Jean Laning


12th March 2016 – Crufts

1st OB + Res BB

Judge: Mrs C Molinari       Critique:  Very well balanced and sound, correct body, correct expression, feminine head, correct front and pasterns, excellent topline, very sound mover.


5th September 2015 – the City of Birmingham

2nd OB

Judge : Mr Steve Hall    Critique:  Unlucky to meet winner in such good form today, very nice bitch with lots to like, good outline when viewed, feminine head with a really good expression, good productive mover and well handled. 


3rd September 2015 – Elsa passes her GOLD Good Citizen Award.


3rd August 2015 - Paignton & District Fanciers Association Championship Show

1st OB + BB + BOS

Judge:  Mrs Jill Peak      Critique:  4 year old bitch, good head and eye, nice neck & shoulders, good bone, nice body, well ribbed, good quarters and set on, moved soundly.


4th August 2014  –     Paignton & District Fanciers Association Championship Show

1st OB + BB + BOS      AV Import Register Working & Pastoral

Judge:  Mr F Kane       Critique:    3 years Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. Excellent head, type and with good rib. Good proportions, sound movement but could have a little more drive on the move.    


1st June 2014 – Southern Counties Championship Show

1st OB + BB + BOS    AV Import Register Working & pastoral

Judge: Mr S Wilberg       Critique:


25th May 2014 – Bath Championship Show

1st OB + BB + BOB     AV Import Register Working & Pastoral

Judge: Mr G C Duffield      Critique:   Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, who at three, is the finished article.  So strong and muscular yet retaining total femininity.  Strong neck into very good, well muscled shoulder, good flat skull, good ears, dark eye, very kind yet alert expression, well handled to show off her positive movement with excellent drive from rear.  In good body and coat, good thick coat of good texture. Nice. 


17th May 2014   –   GSMD Carting & Match day   –  Elsa completed the obstacle course and obtained her First Draft carting certificate.  She was also Best overall in the match.


12th October 2013 – South Wales Kennel Association Championship Show

1st OB + ResBB     AV Import Register Working & Pastoral

Judge: Mrs Christina Chapman      Critique: Greater Swiss with the substance required, strong bone, good feet, very good femine head and expression.  On the move was true coming and going and looked good in profile.


30th June 2013 -  Windsor Championship Show

1st OB + BB + BOS    AV Import Register Working & Pastoral

Judge:  Mrs S J Hattrell       Critique:  Mature bitch in prime condition, like her kennelmate a very nice, sound example of the breed, liked her outline, scored in head and expression, strong muscular neck, firm topline, free easy mover, well balanced fore and aft.


23rd June 2013

Elsa obtains her Character Assessment and Working Aptitude Test conducted by Graham Mabbutt.


8th June 2013 – Three Counties Agriculture Society Championship Show

1st OB    AV Import Register Working & Pastoral

Judge:  Jane Lilley    Critique:  Great Swiss with lovely feminine head, good feet and splendid coat, she moved well.


26th May 2013 – Bath Championship Show

1st OB + BB + BOB  AV Import Register Working & Pastoral

Judge:  Mr V Salt    Critique:  Great Swiss top quality bitch who really shows herself off, lovely head and very alert expression, clean neck and layback of shoulders, straight front and compact feet, good depth of chest with firm topline, nice turn of stifle and hocks well let down.  Handled well and sound on the move.


11th May 2013 – The National Show Birmingham

1st OB + BB + BOB   AV Import Register Working & Pastoral

Judge:  Mr Bill Browne-Cole    Critique:  Quality bitch, broad clean skull, strong muzzle.  A little light in eye.  Excellent body shape, very good bone, legs and feet.  Couldn’t stand wrong, moved so well both ways. 


10th March 2013 – Crufts

1st OB + 1st Good Citizen Bitch + RBB    AV Import Register Working

Judge:  Mr Steve Hall       Critique: Very substantial bitch with good bone and feet.  I thought while she was very sound in both mind and body, she looked a touch overdone, but nevertheless, I did like her as she lacked for nothing & gave a very credible performance.


1st September 2012 - Elsa Passes her Silver Good Citizen Award at Birmingham Championship Show


1st September 2012 - Birmingham Championship Show

 1st JB + BB + BOS       AV Import Register

Judge: Miss Jean Lanning         Critique: Great Swiss Mountain Dog, this breed were showing how level they are in type. There appears to be excellent stock coming into the UK.


13th August 2012 - Bournemouth Championship Show

 1st JB + Res BB     AV Import Register

Judge: Mrs C E Coxall        Critique: Strong right through, femine expression, moved soundly.


14th July 2012 - National Working & Pastoral Breeds Championship Show  

2nd JB     AV Import Register

Judge: Mr A Wight          Critique: Beautifully marked and richly coloured example of this breed. Very strong all through, topline a bit soft and she too is a bit loose in front when fore viewed. Coat superbly conditioned and she has a great attitude.


28th June 2012 - Windsor Championship Show

1st JB + Res BB     AV Import Register

Judge: Frank Kane        Critique: 14 months Greater Swiss, quality & type all through. Can tighten a little in pasterns and feet. Good proportions, ribbing and topline.


3rd June 2012 - Southern Counties Championship Show   

1st JB + BB + BOB     AV Import Register

Judge: Dr Annukka Palohiemo        Critique: Excellent type, very balanced, beautiful head, excellent mover. Excellent coat and colour.


27th May 2012 - Bath Championship Show 

1st JB + BB + BOS    AV Import Register

Judge: Mrs L Salt           Critique: 14 months old with a lovely almond shaped eye and district frontal furrow. High set triangular ears, good pigmentation, strong neck and good overall body shape. Moved well.


28th April 2012 - WELKS Championship Show

1st JB + Res BB     AV Import Register

Judge: Miss Liz Dunhill.       Critique: Super bitch just over 12 months, excellent head and expression, full dentition, well placed ears, excellent muzzle proportion to skull, good shoulders, excellent topline and tailset, good body, juvenile front, good bone and substance,

well angled rear. Moves a little close behind. Well carried tail, excellent profile action, in good coat, good markings, just has time on her side. Very impressive youngster.


21st April 2012 - Working Breeds Assoc of Wales Championship Show

1st JB + BB + BOB      AV Import Register

Judge: Mrs S Hewart-Chambers        Critique: Lovely girl, pretty well proportioned head, dark eye, well set ears, good pigment, straight front, pleasing outline, so balanced, moved out easily and soundly. Pleasing prospect.


2nd January 2012 - Worcester & Malvern Canine Society Open Show

2nd JD/B       AV Import

Register Judge: Mr Derek Smith


24th November 2011 - Elsa passes her Bronze Good Citizen Award.


8th October 2011 - South Wales Kennel Association Championship Show

2nd PB.     AV Import Register

Judge: Dr Rowland W James


18th August 2011 - Elsa passes her Puppy Foundation course.

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